Bubba on Solana

“BuBBA – The Meme Coin Mascot”

  • Bubba Coin
  • January - May 2024
My Services
  • Character Idea and Concept
  • Designing the base of Character
  • Custom Outfits design
  • Facial Animation
  • Body Animation
  • 3D Space Design
  • Compositing and rendering
  • CGI 3D Billboard

The mission

## Project Journey: BuBBA – The Meme Coin Mascot

### Conceptualization
The journey began with the creation of BuBBA, a 3D character designed to embody the spirit of the meme coin. This character was not just a mascot but a symbol of the coin’s playful and innovative essence.

### Animation
Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine and iClone, I brought BuBBA to life through animation. This step involved meticulous rigging, texturing, and motion capture to ensure that every movement was fluid and lifelike.

### Daily News Video
The animated BuBBA was then featured in daily news videos, serving as a charismatic anchor who delivered updates with a twist of humor and engagement.

### 3D Billboard Animation
The project’s scope expanded when I was tasked with creating an animation for a 3D billboard. I proposed a CGI art solution that would captivate passersby with its high-definition visuals and interactive elements.

### CGI Video for 3D Screen in New York
The culmination of this project was a stunning CGI video for a 3D screen in the heart of New York. This piece was not just a display of technical prowess but also a testament to the power of digital art in transforming public spaces.

This project was a journey of pushing boundaries, embracing new technologies, and creating a narrative that went beyond the digital realm to make a mark in the physical world.


Building the concept

  1. 🔍 What’s Inside:
    1. The Unreal Magic: Witness the birth of Solana News Studio within Unreal Engine. Explore the intricacies of lighting, shaders, and dynamic environments that bring our virtual world to life.
    2. Bubba Brigade: Meet our quirky team of Bubba characters! These lovable employees—each with their own quirks—populate the studio. From the coffee-loving intern to the tech-savvy producer, they add personality and charm to every corner.
    3. Rigging and Animation: Peek behind the curtain as we rig our characters for seamless movement. Discover how we breathe life into Bubba’s expressions, gestures, and interactions.
    4. Set Design: Explore the Solana News Studio set—complete with sleek desks, holographic screens, and bustling newsrooms. Every detail matters, from the anchor’s microphone to the coffee stains on the producer’s notes.

Testing final Video

Passion leads to success

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